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Keys, Locks, and Keypads: Changing Access to Your Rockledge Rental Property

Rockledge Property Manager Changing Locks Between ResidentsAs a Rockledge rental property owner, you know that your residents usually have concerns for their personal safety. They take these seriously— and rightly so. New residents may raise concerns regarding changing the locks as they move into a rental home. They would want to be sure that old residents or other individuals with keys to the property won’t be able to enter the residence anymore. In certain places, local laws do not require a landlord to change the locks between residents, and some property owners might feel that such an expense is not essential.

If the resident asks to change or re-key the locks, do you have to comply?

The simple answer is no. You are probably not obliged to change the locks upon request. However, it is crucial to consider the potential consequences of failing to do so.

As the property owner, you are to provide your Rockledge residents with the means to secure the home. When residents sign the lease, you give them keys, garage door openers, or passcodes. You do this to give them access the property. However, that is not the only reason. You also do it to give them the means to secure the property. Residents tend to produce multiple copies of their keys for family members or even neighbors, and they may not always remember to collect and properly get rid of these copies when they move out of a rental home.

If you don’t change or re-key the locks, and someone gets illegal access to the residence, you can be hit with a lawsuit and be held responsible for damages. This is particularly relevant in matters of domestic abuse, divorce, or family disputes. Even a former roommate could be an issue. The risks that come from these situations make changing the locks between residents a crucial part in protecting yourself from legal liability.

Of course, the locks are only one part of the system of a rental home. Garage door openers, keypads, and other access devices are also possible risks. Residents might give their entry codes to babysitters, repairmen, or others who need access to the home when they are not there. Meticulous management of passcodes, remote controls, and so on should be incorporated in your property management strategy. Together with that, include changing codes or replacing remote controls when needed. These things help to ensure your residents’ safety.

At Real Property Management Brevard, we want to make certain that the only individuals who can access your rental properties are your residents. That is why we include lock changes between residents as an important component of our property management services. Our method is designed to protect you and your properties with the best practices in the industry. To learn more, feel free to contact us online or call us at 321-610-8022 today

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