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Eliminating Pet Odors: A Guide for Rental Property Owners

A woman vacuuming a couch to keep it clean and tidy with her pet.Pets may leave behind unpleasant odors if your former tenant had pets. Renting out a smelly house can be difficult, particularly if your new tenants are allergic to pet odors or don’t own pets. Pet odors can be difficult to eliminate from a rental property, especially if the tenant has occupied it for an extended period of time or if the pets have caused significant damage. Here are some professional advice to help you restore your property and get the pet odors out.

The Quick Science Behind Pet Odors

In rental homes where pets are permitted, pet odors are a frequent issue. Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are produced when bacteria in pet feces and urine break down, producing offensive odors and health issues. Regularly clean carpets, upholstery, and hard surfaces to get rid of pet odors, Enzymatic cleaners can also help. In addition, it is critical to establish clear expectations for tenants regarding pet odors and to conduct routine cleanings.

Methods for Removing Pet Odors from Your Rental Property

It is critical to use pet-friendly cleaning products when cleaning various surfaces, including carpets, upholstery, and hard surfaces, to protect both humans and animals. Additionally, regular cleaning and maintenance can aid in preventing pet odors from becoming problematic.

  • Enzymatic cleaners are the best way to get rid of pet odors since they have enzymes that break down the bacteria that produce the smell. Enzymatic cleaners are suitable for hard surfaces, upholstery, and carpets. They are also useful for getting rid of stains and discolorations left behind by pet feces and urine. But compared to other cleaning supplies, they might be more costly.
  • Baking soda and vinegar are organic cleaning products that can aid in getting rid of pet odors. One way to absorb smells is to use baking soda, which is a known natural deodorizer. Vacuum up any remaining baking soda after it has been sprinkled on carpets and upholstery for a few hours. For hard surfaces, combine water and vinegar in a spray bottle. As a natural disinfectant, vinegar is effective against bacteria and viruses.
  • Activated charcoal is a naturally occurring odor absorber that can assist in getting rid of pet odors. To get rid of smells, scatter a few bowls of activated charcoal throughout the rental property. However, cleanup can be difficult and messy.
  • Air purifiers is effective at eliminating pet odors from the air. This functions by removing allergens and pet dander. But they can be costly and need upkeep on a regular basis.

Keeping Your Rental Property Odor-Free

It is crucial to maintain odor-free rental properties by preventing pet odors from developing initially. You can prevent pet odors from becoming a problem with routine cleaning and maintenance. To prevent future pet odors, consider the following:

  • Set clear expectations for tenants with pets. To ensure that tenants with pets are cognizant of their obligations to maintain a clean and odor-free rental property, it is important to establish clear expectations. This may entail making them use odor-control products like pee pads or cleaning up after their dogs outside on a regular basis.
  • Regular cleaning and maintenance: It is possible to stop pet odors from becoming an issue with routine cleaning and maintenance. To avoid pet odor accumulation, this entails routinely cleaning hard surfaces, carpets, and upholstery. Cleaning supplies that are safe for people and pets should be used.
  • Air purifiers: The use of air purifiers can aid in the elimination of pet odors. Pet dander and additional allergens are filtered out for operation. One potential measure to mitigate the occurrence of pet odors in communal spaces of the rental property is the installation of air purifiers.
  • Limit the number and size of animals: By restricting the quantity and sizes of animals permitted in rental units, one can effectively mitigate odors and damage. This measure can contribute to the efficient elimination of pet odors between tenants.

Odors from pets can harm people’s health and lower the value of rental properties. Landlords and property managers should be aware of the unpleasant smells caused by pets and employ efficient ways to get rid of them, like air purifiers, baking soda and vinegar, enzymatic cleaners, and activated charcoal, to prevent these problems. It’s also critical to prevent pet odors by having clear guidelines for tenants who bring their pets, doing routine maintenance and cleaning, and putting a cap on the number and size of animals that can live in rental properties. Rental properties will be able to maintain their appeal to prospective tenants and their odor-free state thanks to these measures.

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